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This website is designed to accommodate and serve teachers, students, and actors of all levels and experience with information, exercises, and resources on the life, plays, and study of William Shakespeare. eShakespeare includes text, video clips, and interactive resources. The site also holds official Shakespeare Festival (Denver, CO) information and forms. eShakespeare can be followed in the order presented or by the subject(s) you wish to explore.

The games and exercises within eShakespeare are all theatre-based. Theatre-based learning challenges both physical and mental creativity. Like theatre, itself, this learning is based on making active choices and so the games and exercises within eShakespeare are referred to as ACTivities.

ACTivities within this website have been developed by the teaching artists from the Denver Center Theatre Academy and produced in association with Denver Center Media.

Stage 1: Choosing Text

Click here to find assistance in how to choose and use Shakespeare’s writings in your classroom or for performance.

Stage 2: The Rehearsal Begins
Click here to find assistance in designing, implementing, and maintaining an effective rehearsal period.

Stage 3: Creating Characters, Learning Language, and Setting the Scene
Click here to find assistance in furthering exploration of Shakespeare’s text in either rehearsal or classroom work.

Stage 4: Finessing the Finish
Click here to find assistance in addressing the transition from rehearsal to performance including sceneography and movement/dance needs.

Glossary of Terms
Click here for an alphabetical listing of the terms and their definitions used within eShakespeare.

Festival Information
Click here for printable forms and additional information for Shakespeare Festival participants.

About eShakespeare
Click here to find out more about us and the other programs, here, at the Denver Center Theatre Academy.

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